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Prompt: Toby and Spencer are driving somewhere idk and Spencer gets car sick


a/n: this is short, just a warning :)

The first time he notices the distraught look on her face, he ignores it. Maybe it’s nothing, he tells himself. He had only glanced at her, from the road, for a tiny glimmer of a moment. She has been strangely quiet for the past thirty minutes, or so. Before she had been rambling off facts—enlightening him on things that would probably only resurface in his lifetime through a game of trivia. But it was nice. It was endearing to him—he always admired the endless amount facts that her mind could posses.

But when he looks at her again, the discomfort in her features has only expanded, her doe eyes hazed with something relating to uneasiness.

“Spence—you okay? You don’t look so good…” he murmurs the words gently, taking a short ganger at her before returning his stare to the road.

“I think you should probably be focusing less on me, and more on the road.”

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