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What is going on with spencer do you think? Do you think maybe she did hit Bethany or is her getting arrested just another "A-trap"?


I think it’s absolutely a trap. I don’t think Spencer hit Bethany at all. I’m not sure it’s even an -A trap, I consider it more of an Ali trap. I think she placed the blame on Spencer for a reason, we just don’t know it yet. Not long ago, she was certain Spencer went back to the barn and went to sleep. Alison is a master liar and manipulator, not a single part of me doubts that she could pass that lie detector test with flying colours. She could have lied and I think she would have passed, but instead, she set Spencer up to take the fall. I wouldn’t be surprised in the least. And truly, it’s no different than Mrs. D when she was trying to set Spencer up repeatedly. Like mother, like daughter.


Okay so I just reached 3000 followers and I decided to make my first follow forever to thank all of you. When I made this blog like one year ago I couldn’t even imagine I would get so many followers and meet so nice people. These blogs are perfect and you’re all amazing. Thank you so much and I love you!! (bolded are my favorites)

I’d like to specially thank my best friend Dolo for making me start watching this amazing show :) ily!

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